Cathode for Hydrogen Gas Generation

Cathode for Hydrogen Gas Generation
(maintenance-free electrode with price competitiveness)

The cathode for hydrogen gas generation is used for various electrolysis processes, such as, ion-exchange membrane type brine electrolysis and diluted salt water electrolysis. As in the case of the anode for chlorine gas generation, the cathode collects various operation data with the full use of Daiso's commercial facilities, and various types of cathodes are available to clients in conformance with their requirements.

The major features include:

Decrease in Power Consumption

Daiso Engineering's cathode, even when used for operation at a current density of 6 kA/m2, can contribute significantly to a decrease in power consumption, which substantially lowers the user's plant operational expenses.

The cathode can endure long-time use even after repeated shift operations of start-ups to shut-downs.

Daiso Engineering is very proud of its successful development of the state-of-art cathode. The cathode is dramatically low in a voltage increase following the shut-down of an electrolysis plant and has demonstrated low hydrogen overvoltage even after a plant shut-down and excellent durability through commercial operations. Moreover, this cathode ensures excellent plant economics.

Use Electrode Type
Brine Electrolysis Low Voltage-Type MDC-60, MDC-50

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