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Daiso Engineering Co., Ltd. (Daiso Engineering) continues its contribution to environmental protection and a safer, more satisfied population through long-established engineering expertise and technological advancement, which began with the electrolysis of chlor alkali plants.

Daiso Engineering was founded in 1975 independently from the plant engineering division of Osaka Soda Co., Ltd., which is a pioneering company in the caustic soda industry in Japan. Since then, Daiso Engineering has contributed to the development of the chemical industry in Japan, based on its decades of experience and expertise in the operations and maintenance of chlor alkali and other related industrial plants.

Since the company's foundation, Daiso Engineering has grown, expanding its engineering services into various industrial fields, such as organic/inorganic, water treatment, pharmaceutical plants, and chemical logistic sites. In response to ever-growing and changing client needs,Daiso Engineering monitors all steps of its activities from planning, engineering, construction and start-up through plant maintenance and also from the handling of high-pressure gas and hazardous materials through the observance of environmental protection measures.

In 2008, Daiso Engineering assumed responsibility of the metal electrode business from Osaka Soda Co., Ltd. These metal electrodes have been widely used by various companies in the electrochemical industry, such as, by chlor alkali plants, various industrial plating plants and drinking water facilities.

Together with its employees, Daiso Engineering will continue to provide quality products and services to its clientele with increasing enthusiasm and a focus on cost-reduction efforts. This is in addition to expanding overseas business opportunities in the chemical industry in concert with its ongoing pledge to improve the safety, security and satisfaction of the global population. Daiso Engineering looks forward to the pleasure of your continued support and patronage in its future endeavors.

President and representative director,
Atsushi Kuniyone

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