Production and Quality Control

Production System (fitted for production of a wide range of products, from production of a small quantity to mass production of specific products)

Daiso Engineering takes pride in the point that its Amagasaki Plant includes the facilities to control all steps of the production process from receiving inspection to shipment packing. Various production activities proceed in this plant, either in large or small quantities, in a quick response to the user's requirements.

*In 2002, Daiso Engineering reinforced its facilities, with an emphasis placed on the production of thin plates of large-sized electrodes.

*In addition, in 2005, Daiso Engineering introduced new facilities to process electrodes of various types, such as, thick plates, pipes, and other electrodes of an original type designated by a client.

Re-coating (for reactivation of the catalyst with decreased electrode efficiency)

Electrodes with the substrates composed of titanium can be re-used to become news electrode after re-coating. Those with substrates composed of other metals undergo the same re-coating process as that in the case of titanium, but will be carefully checked by Daiso Engineering in advance to determine their suitability for re-coating.

*Re-coating is a method used to remove all remaining catalyst layers on the substrate and before being re-coated on the reactivated substrate. Daiso Engineering's substrate can be repeatedly used to a maximum extent within the strength of the substrate.

Quality Control

Daiso Engineering adopts a rigid quality management system. At the time of production of an electrode, Daiso Engineering makes a rule to keep one extra electrode of the product for quality management, which makes it possible to trace and follow up on the quality of the shipped product, whenever the need arises.

Supporting System

In an effort to produce products for clients in accordance with their expanding requirements, Daiso Engineering is devoted to improvement in quality management and also in the client-support system. In addition, if a user requires that electrodes are to be checked after delivery, Daiso Engineering sends qualified customer-service staff members to the users, in accordance with their requirements. This allows various problems to be solved in a timely manner regarding plant operations or maintenance and supports the users in the safety operations of the plant.

Supporting System

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