Chlor Alkali Plant

For the development of the world soda industry, Daiso Engineering will address every need of industrial plant operators by utilizing its operational expertise on the electrolysis plant gained over the last ten (10) decades.

Daiso Co., Ltd. ("Daiso") is a pioneer company that operates chlor alkali plants in Japan (established in 1915). As a key member of Daiso's subsidiaries, Daiso Engineering has developed and owns a series of technologies implemented in electrolysis-, brine purification-, chlorine gas-, liquid chlorine-, and caustic soda plants.

Daiso owns four (4) chlor alkali plants in Japan, and Daiso Engineering designs and engineers chlor alkali- and other related plants based on various actual data collected from these operating chlor alkali plants, which ensures high credibility of its services.

Chlor Alkali Plant

Major Features

  • Plant design and engineering developed from a viewpoint of an industrial plant operator based on its substantial operational expertise and experience,
  • Low power consumption and high current efficiency of the plant, using Daiso Engineering's own state-of-art electrodes "NEOLORD™", and
  • Maintenance system design and engineering from its substantial operational experience


Electrolysis plants
  • Chlor alkali plants (electrolyzer, rectifier, busbar, etc.), and
  • Electrodes (Daiso Engineering's original products)
Brine treatment plants
  • Raw-salt dissolving plants,
  • Primary brine purification plants
    (reactor, clarifier, and filtration),
  • Secondary brine purification plants (ion exchanger), and
  • Brine dechlorination plants
    (aeration, vacuum, activated carbon, and chemical process)
Chlorine gas plants
  • Chlorine cooling and purification plants,
  • Chlorine drying plants,
  • Chlorine liquefaction plants
    (low-pressure, medium-pressure, and high-pressure),
  • Chlorine storage tanks,
  • Chlorine consumption plants, and
  • Chlorine absorption plants (scrubbers)
Caustic soda plants
  • Caustic soda concentration plants
    (triple-effect type and modified double-effect type),
  • Caustic soda storage tanks, and
  • Caustic soda dilution plants
Sodium hypochlorite plants
  • Sodium hypochlorite preparation plants
    (normal, low salt, low bromine, and low chloric acid),
  • Sodium hypochlorite storage tanks, and
  • On-site sodium hypochlorite generation plants
Hydrogen gas plants
  • Hydrogen gas cooling and purification plants,
  • Hydrogen gas holders (wet seal type), and
  • Hydrogen gas combustion boilers
    (mono-fuel type and multi-fuel type)
Hydrochloric acid plants
  • Hydrochloric acid synthesis plants,
  • Hydrochloric acid gas generation plants,
  • Hydrogen chloride generation plants,
  • Hydrochloric acid recovery plants,
  • Hydrochloric acid dechlorination plants, and
  • Hydrochloric acid deferrization plants
Ferric chloride plants
  • Ferrous chloride chlorination plants,
  • Ferric chloride concentration plants, and
  • Ferric chloride dilution plants

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