Fluorescent Tube Treatment Process

This process involves crushing used fluorescent tubes and defective fluorescent tubes and subsequently washing them to separate and recover glass, aluminum, and mercury. The recovered glass, aluminum, and mercury can be reused.

The process can be classified into two (2) types: (1) a wet-type process suitable for the disposal of fluorescent tubes, backlights for liquid crystals, and narrow tubes and (2) a dry-type process that does not use water. Between these two (2) processes, Daiso Engineering recommends the wet-type process with limited emission of carbon dioxide over the dry-type process that uses oil and/or electric power as its heating sources.

Fluorescent Tube Treatment Process

Major Features (Wet-type Process)

  • Low level of residual mercury in glass,
  • Limited emission of carbon dioxide,
  • Suitable for processing all types of fluorescent tubes,
  • Completely closed system design,
  • Easy automatic operations, and
  • Easy maintenance

Wet-Type Process Flow

Process Flow

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